What is RPW

RPW is a tool for building and editing Minecraft resource packs.

It shows you the pack structure and lets you replace or edit the files.

What it can do

RPW doesn't include an image editor or model creator — but you can set it to use your preferred external one.

A good choice is for example GIMP or Paint.net

Stay up to date

All important RPW news will be announced on Twitter:

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RPW screenshot


Arch Linux users can install RPW from the AUR

RPW is a Java application. Whichever download you choose, you need Java installed.

Latest version: 4.5.2 - for MC 1.12.2 Latest beta: 4.5.3 Beta 2 - for MC 1.13 snapshots

Alternatively, you'll find the latest release on GitHub.


Report a bug

To report a bug or crash, please start a new issue here:


Ask for help

For help with using RPW, please join our Gitter:

Support channel

We'll receive a notification and get to you ASAP.


If you have an idea for RPW, or wanna try fix a bug, please, by all means, go for it!

RPW on GitHub

We'll happily merge anything useful!


Wanna be famous? Review RPW and send us a link ;-)

Old showcase video (v2B.3)

Newer video (v3.9.1)


Creating a project

RPW can create a blank project, or a project from existing resource pack.

Configuring editors

On Windows, you'll have to locate your "exe". On Linux, just the binary name would suffice.

Runtime log

The log view is available from the Help menu.

It can help with analyzing bugs, and you can check there what exactly is RPW doing.

RPW also saves it's log into a file in the working directory (~/.mcRPW)

Stitcher / unstitcher

RPW contains a utility for stitching and un-stitching textures.

Do not confuse it with the old Mojang-provided tool - this is something differnet.

It's useful when you feel like editing more textures at once, and don't want to reopen the editor all the time. But not everyone will like it, of course.

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